I Wouldn’t Get Attached to Your Favorite Worship Song

Posted by on Aug 16, 2011 in Worship Music | 2 Comments

Composed by Matt Larson, Christian Indie Musician

I wouldn’t get too attached to your favorite worship song – be it a modern “worship” tune, or good old fashioned traditional “hymn”.

Now hear me out on this. There are some very well written songs that move me deeply. But, what limitations do our songs have – if written in a sinful world – while at odds with our sinful nature?

There is an amazing sense of audacity in our sense of what pleases God, and what will please Him for eternity. We think a lot about our creations – mostly because we think a lot about ourselves. We believe that if we write a hit song = Jesus is honored (and probably forever). But, again, I ask my original question – “What limitations do our songs have?”

Still you say, “How could ‘How Great is Our God’ or ‘Amazing Grace’ not fit in well with the songs of heaven?”

Well, when you imagine worshiping in heaven, are you singing in English? Is the song in a major key? Is it composed in a verse-verse-chorus-verse structure?

We are constrained. Our worship is constricted and small. Sin has distorted our view of God. We live in this distortion, and cause it. Anything created here is not perfect, and will not be in God’s presence.


  1. Eric Olsen
    August 16, 2011

    My old Pastor gave a similar analogy once.

    “I was picking up leaves in the yard, and my young son was grabbing dirt and putting it in the trash bag. He thought he was being helpful – in reality it made my job way worse. But, I loved that his heart was trying.”

    • Matt Larson
      August 16, 2011

      I can appreciate that analogy. Still, with holiness things are a little different.