Intoxicated Christians

Posted by on May 11, 2011 in Christian Music | 2 Comments

Music is beautifully intoxicating. It has a magical quality that causes people to cry, buy products and frightens many Christians. Sadly, many of today’s church expressions of music seem to lean more to an advertisement for the sermon than a worship experience. Having worked in many of those situations, I understand why it is what it is, but I have also seen it leave people wanting.

There’s nothing wrong with utilizing music to soften the soil for the sermon, but I believe God created us with a desire to soak in music. Think 2-4 songs is enough? How much music do you listen to during the week? We need to offer the opportunity to engage the Most High God in an environment where a person can have a deep and extended worship experience.

I see the two sides of the battlefield forming as I write: Intellectual and Emotional. Don’t fall into that trap, and don’t misunderstand me. God is not stupid. He doesn’t want you slobbering all over yourself while you mindlessly sing. Additionally, I don’t believe we should worship with empty songs. Lyrics matter. The heart matters. We have two sides of one brain. Let’s engage God fully.

Contributed by Matt Larson, Christian Indie Musician


  1. eric
    May 11, 2011

    This is begging for like 6 or 40 follow-up posts. I’m looking forward to them, Matt….

  2. Iain MacKinnon
    May 11, 2011

    Very true, and also (since worship is a response) you could make a case for a longer period of singing after the message is preached…