Let’s Get All Oedipan in Church Today

Let’s Get All Oedipan in Church Today

Posted by on Aug 4, 2011 in Music Theory | No Comments

Ok, I’m fully aware that some of you aren’t going to be able to come with me on this today. But, as the first-time parent of a 6-week old, it’s something I’ve been thinking about a whole lot recently.

The idea of “recreating the womb.”

My little daughter is extraordinarily fussy. Doctors and child psychologists all recommend roughly the same things in terms of comforting her. All in order to simulate the feeling the child had in the womb. Specifically motion (an infant is submerged in liquid for the 9 mos. prior to birth), and noise (a white noise similar to the sound you hear when under water along with the ever-important and loudly booming mother’s heartbeat)

A mother’s heartbeat is, on average, 70 beats a minute. As an infant, that rhythm makes us feel safe. My question today is, do we ever outgrow it?

Ok, maybe I’ve fallen off the deep end here, or grasping at straws. But, at the very least, isn’t it interesting to know that a growing majority of electronica artists have chosen 70 bpm and its variants (140 bpm) as their default standard beats?

Perhaps because this is the beat that gave us our first sense of rhythm?

Perhaps because we have never outgrown that rhythm making us feel safe?