Is Your Worship Team Made up of Musicians or Artists?

Is Your Worship Team Made up of Musicians or Artists?

Posted by on Aug 18, 2011 in Church Music, Worship Leading | No Comments

Do you know whether you’re a musician or an artist?

No, it’s not a loaded question. “Artist” isn’t the better answer. But, it’s a different one.

For example, let’s say someone at your church tells you they play the flute and are interested in being a part of your praise team. Obviously, you say “no”, because the flute is a stupid instrument….just kidding. But, it’s important you understand what this person means by “they play the flute”. Does this mean they can proficiently play sheet music? Or that they can play recorded parts by ear and improvise within a scale, even in songs where the recording does not contain that instrument.

Those are 2 completely different players. And you have probably have some of each on your team.

The “musician” will spend time on their own before practice perfecting how the recording band plays every solo. They will work to match their drum beats and fills to the recording. They will strain to hear the female vocalists on the CD and try to precisely match their harmonies.

The “artist” hears things. They want to change things. Not because it’s better. But, because it’s theirs. They have a desire, not to recreate, but to create.

And when you force one of these people to be like the other, there is going to be tension.