Don’t Write Songs Without Something to Say

Don’t Write Songs Without Something to Say

Posted by on May 17, 2011 in Christian Lyrics, Songwriting | 2 Comments

“I’m writing a song.”

“Awesome! What’s it about?”

“Hmm…I guess it’s just a praise and worship song with positive, yet arbitrary ‘God’ words.”

Not good enough. Music is a language of communication. Don’t abuse it just because music makes everything sound better. Don’t waste your words. Don’t just sit down and decide you’re going to write a song. Make sure you have something to say first. This is arguably the biggest reason for the shallowness of most Christian musical fare today. They are songs written without anything specific to say. They are simply broad, yet vaguely accurate songs about God. Ones that don’t move us to change, because they don’t change the way we see ourselves or our relationship with Him.