The Fallen Cry
by Relevant Reverence

The Fallen Cry is an attempt to bring back the full spectrum of Psalms to the modern-day worship experience. That people would be able to sing along to songs with words that more accurately reflect the reality of their hearts. The album title comes from the perspective of each song, sung from the voice of the fallen, a voice we believe has quite literally fallen silent in the Americanized Church.

Download our liner notes from The Fallen Cry. Included are chord charts and full lyrics for every song.

Still Running
A Musical Translation of the Parable of the Prodigal Son
by Relevant Reverence

As the album proceeds chronologically through the parable like a musical, the listener comes across three story lines. One of the prodigal and his run away from, and back, home. The second of the father, who runs to embrace his lost son. And the third of the older son, whose “still” running is an apathetic avoidance of enjoying all that has been given to him.

Why Every President Sucked
by Relevant Reverence

For thousands of years and from every nation, this has been the cry of the people. Today, we call our “king” president, but the desire is the same. We elect men to this position hoping that simply by giving them this title of grandeur they will miraculously be made worthy of the role. And we are more often than not disappointed. Why Every President Sucked aims to halt a voter’s future search for presidential perfection by detailing how each and every former president has failed to live up to those expectations.


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