Singing in The Key Of Singable

Singing in The Key Of Singable

Posted by on May 26, 2011 in Christian Music | No Comments

Phil Wickham is a vocal freak of nature. He is amazingly talented, and able to pull off exceedingly high notes with ease.

You know who isn’t able to do that? Everyone else. That’s why many Christian radio songs get transposed a couple half-steps down in church – to make it easier not only for the congregation, but for the on-stage vocalists to sing.

Which leads to another question I am not confident answering. Who should you pitch the song for? Because Phil Wickham doesn’t transpose his song down 5 half steps so that those singing in the car won’t strain. He leaves it that way, because the song itself is most beautiful that way.

There is beauty in listening to beauty. There is beauty in singing collectively.

To capo or not to capo? That is my question.